Tinder سرانجام در حال آزمایش تماس های ویدیویی درون برنامه ای ماه ها به مسافت اجتماعی است


ByAnna Iovine

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Like its fellow Match Group propertyHingeand aslew of other dating apps, Tinder is testing out in-app video calls.

The feature is calledFace to Face, Tinder announcedin a blog post on Wednesday, and is being rolled out in select states in the U.S. — Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and Virginia — and international markets like Brazil and Vietnam.

This isn’t the first pandemic-inspired feature Tinder has created. In March, they made thePassport feature freeso any user could talk to people anywhere in the world.

Users will only have the chance video chat if both parties opt in to the feature, according to the blog post, and users can disable it anytime. When both enable video calling, they agree to “ground rules” before getting on a call: Keep it PG; Keep it clean; and Keep it age-appropriate.

Tinder also wants to know how the call went, and will ask after calls end to receive feedback and any possible reports.

In a survey of around 5,000 U.S. Tinder users, half of them had video dates with matches in the past month. (People were surveyed between May 6 болон 12.) Forty percent of Gen Z respondents said they’d use video calls as a way to figure out who they want to date in-person, even after their areas open back up.

Tinder is late to this feature, but seeing as the pandemicisn’t slowing down anytime soon, it’ll surely get its use.

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