Tinder dodaje 'upute’ značajka za pokretanje razgovora

Aplikacije za upoznavanje osmišljene su za pronalaženje novih prijatelja / povremene veze / vaš OTP lako, ali čak i ako ste najlijeniji mafijaš na svijetu, ipak ćete se na kraju morati upustiti u neku vrstu čavrljanja sa svojim parom - izvrsno za brbljavce, not so much for those that struggle to keep an online conversation going. This is why Kresivo has introduced Prompts. By adding questions or statements directly to your profile, you’re better able to put your personality front-and-center and kickstart a conversation.

Prompts cover a variety of themes: “I’m talking to my pet about…,” “Why hasn’t someone invented…,” and “Two truths and a lie” are all good examples of the options on offer. Just fill in the blanks and catch the attention of someone who truly appreciates your hot takes. You can add Prompts to your profile via your profile icon in the top right corner of the app. Hit “Add Media” and then “Text Prompt.” Each Prompt displays as a photo, which can be rearranged just like regular pictures. New Prompts will appear over time, isto, so you can keep things fresh.

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